November 12, 2018

The Ritz Carlton
Arlington, VA

Punch Technologies is a Charlotte-based technology company and developer of the PunchAlert safety communications and emergency management platform. With PunchAlert , our goal is to help organizations and individuals communicate more efficiently when it matters most… during an emergency. We believe this is best accomplished with a new community-based approach to safety and emergency response.

More than just a mobile app or mass notification system, PunchAlert is a platform that allows you to manage all communications throughout the lifecycle of any incident. This includes everything from the initial incident report, to emergency management, direct 911 connectivity, two-way communication, mass notifications, crowd-sourced content, real-time location, all the way through resolution and reporting. The PunchAlert application is extremely user-friendly and can also be used on a daily basis for Tip reporting (crowdsourced information regarding safety, facilities, IT, or preventative measures), and sending mass Announcements via the app, email, SMS, and more. The platform offers API’s and other integration services that connect emergency communications to access control, intercoms, video surveillance, two radios, and more.

PunchAlert is one of only two mobile safety platforms with direct data connectivity into 99% of the 911 Call Centers in the US & Canada. This functionality is called 911+ .