November 12, 2018

The Ritz Carlton
Arlington, VA

The Evolution of Security - Leadership in an Evolving Workforce

Mike Mason has spent the bulk of his professional career in leadership positions, beginning in 1980 when he served as a young officer in the United States Marine Corps.  It was there he learned the value of focusing on individuals to enhance the overall probability of success for the entire team.  The objective of this session is to encourage the audience to refocus their attention of the importance of personal relationships.  Mr. Mason will highlight how the impact little things, i.e., examples of leadership in action, can address issues of low morale and low productivity.  He will use a little humor, a video clip and some real-life examples of the distinctions between “management” and “leadership.” This session is not intended to be a leadership tutorial as that would be insulting to a Security 500 audience.  Rather, the objective of this session is to provide a bit of time for a little introspection and an opportunity to challenge the image we have of ourselves as leaders.  As we look more frequently to technology to solve the many challenges confronting us today, this presentation will serve as a reminder that relationships still reign supreme.